X-ray Technician Training Programs, Courses, Certification, Jobs and Schools in Connecticut

In order for you to become an x-ray technician, the 1st and foremost thing that you need to do is to have a good understanding of the medical terminologies. If you do not have a good understanding on the subject, you are not at all good find yourself making inroads into this particular career. There are different training programs and different courses that can actually be providing you with a very good state of job security in Connecticut. With an amount of people looking for a stable job, becoming an x-ray technician is definitely going to be a good idea for the people willing to help save others and also make a fairly good living.

Advance your career with American Institute - Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Our program can be completed in as little as 16 months. We offer program specializations in general or cardiac sonography, both of which include vascular ultrasound training.


  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography (General Concentration)
Locations: West Hartford
Get a quality education that will prepare you for a better future at Salter College. We offer a supportive environment that fosters both academic excellence and social responsibility.


  • Multi-Skill Health Technician
Locations: Chicopee

X-ray Tech Training Programs and Courses in Connecticut

The foremost thing that needs to be done is to become a high school graduate. Without the graduation, it will not even qualified to sit for the x-ray technician course. Also, if there is a hint of any criminal record in the past, then there is a very faint chance of you getting into the x-ray technician course.

X-ray Technician Certification in Connecticut

The Connecticut x-ray certification board takes care of the excessive certification examination that is provided in the state. The appropriate examination is conducted by the alleged authorities, and they have been able to get a good amount of reputation due to the strictness that is imbibed upon this particular course. A certain amount of dedication is needed in order to pass this particular x-ray technician examination.

Jobs and Schools for x-ray Technicians in Connecticut

In order for you to get a job in becoming an x-ray technician, the 1st and foremost thing that is to be done is to get into the x-ray technician course. Below mentioned are some of the certification courses that can be found in Connecticut.

1. Quinnipiac University

2. Gateway community college in New Haven

3. Windham Memorial Hospital.


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