How To Become An X Ray Technician

An x ray technician is also called radiology technician, X ray tech, radiologic technologist or radiologist technician. The role of an x ray technician encompasses anything that is radiology or x ray related.

Duties of an X ray Technician

An X ray technician is the one who ensures that x rays, CT scans, MRIs are conducted on need basis for patients as per doctor’s instructions. An x ray tech is ideally trained to work on the machine, maintain and trouble shoot as well in case need be.  X ray technicians also are required to interact with patients in order to ensure that the patient is comfortable with the procedure and understands what the X-ray technician is expecting out of him in order to get an accurate result on their x rays.

Since the invention of the x-ray, the role of an x-ray technician has grown with a larger number of individuals taking interest in this career.

Why to Become an X ray Technician?

Taking on the career of an x ray technician is one of the many well paying health and medical related job professions. An X-ray technologist has infact more job security as it doesn’t suffer from the risk of being affected by the fluctuations in the economy. It is mandatory that every hospital needs to have a radiology or x-ray department which has also widened the scope for people looking to establish their career in this field.

Steps to Become an X ray Technician

The educational qualifications required for one to be an X ray technician are many. Firstly the individual mandatorily needs to complete an undergraduate education, a minimum of 4 years in medical school is required , 4 years of residency, a total of 1 year of internship and finally after all those years, the x ray tech needs to get an additional 2 more years of specialty training. In order to be certified, a radiologist needs to take an exam by the ABR – that is the American Board of Radiology. The exam covers subjects like the science behind x rays, technology, science, nuclear medicine, CT scans, MRI. This test generally needs to be taken post 2nd year of radiology residency then there is a test after a year that covers the clinical aspects of radiology.

If the resident clears both tests, there is also an “oral” examination which is conducted 1-2 months after graduation from the radiology residency. There are 11 sections in total of this oral exam that the x ray technologist needs to finish and pass to become a diplomat of the American Board of Radiology.

To become an X ray tech is not an easy process and the course towards becoming an X ray technologist is indeed a long drawn process that can take up to at total of 11 years of training and education. It offers big rewards in the end though  which is a motivating factor and there is a lot of demand for this specialization in the country especially because of the increasing demand for diagnostic tests such as CT scans,  x rays,  MRIs PET.