X-Ray Technician Salary

Becoming a technician in radiology field is an ideal option for student who interested in medical field, as the X-ray technician salary is appealing and individual does not have to spend 4 or more years in medical college. X-ray technologist should be well skilled in operating x-ray equipments, because technician is fully responsible for safety. Medical facilities make use of radiologic technician, usually called X-ray technician, to offer internal imagery of the body by using the X-ray devices.

Work of X-ray technician

The main job of the x-ray tech is to perform X-ray imaging and offer common support for the unit of radiology. The internal image obtained aid the treating doctor get a accurate understanding of the ill patient’s health conditions for easier analysis and treatment. The x-ray techs submit the medical report directly to the physician for immediate treatment. General medical center, hospital, specialized radiology center and dental clinics employ the x-ray technician services. X-ray tech salary is based on the many factors including the qualification, experience and more.

X Ray Technician Salary

X Ray Technician Salary

Average X-ray tech salary

For the last 10 years, the median X-ray tech salary has been improving steadily and the demand for the technologist is growing high. If an individual are trained technician and certified, they can get up to US $54,180 wages annually. This implies that fifty percent of the radiologic technicians have wages above this value and fifty percent have salaries under this level.

According to the report offered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is, X-ray technologist working in normal surgical or medical hospital get $54,770 or $26.33 salary/hour

Standard x-ray salary

The higher range of xray tech salary is $ 82,000 and $ 36,000 as low end. Variations in x ray technician salary are caused by the dissimilar background regarding the position of job. For beginning level position, there is no need of any previous job experience or superior training. An average X-ray technician salary range for an entry level position is between $ 36,000 – $ 40,000. Many individuals confusing with the question, how much do x-ray technician can make? As a radiology technician, they can able to earn more than $ 100,000 annually.

How certifications affect salary

X-ray techs can get 3 dissimilar types of certification; it is possible to get a 1-year certificate that will pay the minimum x-ray technologist salary. Obtaining an associate’s degree radiology technology that is 2-year course, will give more x-ray tech salary and also offer higher job opportunities. Average xray technician salary for the x-ray tech with this 2-year course degree is $48,500. Bachelor’s degree in radiology technology is the 3rd kind of degree. It needs the completion of 4-year course at a university.

How to improve the salary

Normally, individual can improve their x-ray tech salary by advancing into education, getting higher degree certification to improve their job positions. With bachelor’s degree, one can be able to get radiographer job with annual x-ray tech salary of US $ 63,000. Individuals can improve their x-ray technologist salary by utilizing various options including the venturing in to the high position in radiology field or medical center. This information will help the people those who do not know “how much do x-ray technician can make”.